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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Patrick is a great guy, all about results."

Alfredo Porter, Dallas, Tx

Alfredo Porter

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Testimonials: Testimonials

​" I have trained with Patrick since 2012, and I cannot say enough good things about him! He is an AMAZING trainer! He knows how to motivate you and encourage you and give you the confidence you need to really transform your body!! He is very personable and designs his work outs around YOUR needs! I would never use anyone else after training with Patrick!"

Mindee Mecil Miller, Arlington, TX

"Everything I want in a trainer. Great guy, never cancels, always pushing, cautious about injuries, very experienced in all types of workouts. He helps me with crossfit style workouts."

Matthew Kennedy, Dallas, Tx

"Going to the gym was always a hassle for me. I was lacking in confidence in my body image yet I always gave myself 101 excuses for not going to the gym (i.e. not strong enough, intimidated by stronger guys in the gym, not having a enough time,etc). I decided I needed to do something about it, and that is when I met Patrick. I started training with him in Sept. 2013 and it was the best investment I ever made in myself. Patrick truly understands fitness and what it takes to succeed and he will give you everything you need to make that happen while making you accountable for your own goals. He was never late for a workout (even though I was on several occasions), always communicated, and was the best motivator anyone could ask for. He will push you to your limits while being injury conscious, he never once put me in a situation he thought I couldn't handle and it helped me realize what I am capable of physically and mentally. Not only did I obtain my fitness goals but I also gained a valuable friendship. I had to stop training with Patrick recently because I am relocating to Alaska. However, since my training with Patrick, I find myself craving to go into the gym, it is no longer a chore, it has become a passion and a hobby. I am absolutely ecstatic about my results and none of it would have been possible without Patrick. If you or anyone you know is looking to better their fitness and nutrition goals, look no further! Patrick is not in the business of making money and just "being" a personal trainer; he is in the business of helping others realize their true potential mentally and physically. I wish you nothing but great success Patrick, you deserve it!"

Andrew Layson, Tulsa, Ok


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